Organising Bodies

British Fencing - The website for Fencing in Britain.

Yorkshire Fencing - A good place to find information about what is going on in Yorkshire, including upcoming competitions.

For the Yorkshire Youth League go to Yorkshire Fencing Youth League.

Scottish Fencing is the site for general information about fencing in Scotland. Keep an eye out for The Highland Open, the UK's most northerly open competition, around September.

British Veterans Fencing - Fencers aged 40 and over should check this out


Bradford Fencing Club meets on Tuesday nights. Check their website for details.

Ashton Fencing Club, Tameside.

Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club meets on Wednesday nights. Check their About link for details.

Dublin University Fencing Club Full details on the website.

Liverpool University Fencing Club

More to come soon...

Competition Sites

The Yorkshire Foil Championships including under 14 Foil.

Equipment Suppliers


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